Mobile Analytics at a Glance

Monitor and compare apps, stores and platforms

Link multiple store accounts: we support iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace, Amazon, Nook, GetJar and more. The dashboard allows you to easily spot which app is selling more, in which store and for which platform.

Track Revenues and Downloads

Data is imported daily and automatically

Let Mopapp import all the revenues and downloads for your published apps and in-app items. Then view the data through clean charts, for the period you select. You can even filter by app, store, platform or country.

Ads, Not Just Apps

Ad revenues are also imported

Using iAd, AdMob, InMobi or Smaato to generate revenues out of your free apps? Great, Mopapp integrates with those ad networks as well, and shows you all the important stuff in a single place.

User Reviews and Ratings

App Reviews are imported and translated

Mopapp gathers and consolidates reviews written by customers on the different app stores, just like with sales and downloads, so you can read them all in a single place. Don’t know Japanese or French? You can translate everything to your language with one click.

In-App Usage Analytics

Keep an eye on your users’ engagement

Link your Flurry account, and easily compare your apps’ downloads with the number of active users and total sessions.


Because we love developers

Using a custom store that Mopapp doesn’t support yet? Use the simple API or custom CVS format to import and analyze sales coming from any source or platform. An Export API is available as well of course.


Sentiment Analysis, on a map

Mopapp automatically analyzes reviews, rating distribution and other customer data to calculate a unique Sentiment Index. This measurement indicates if ratings and reviews are beneficial or detrimental to app sales.

Competitor Comparison

Are your competitors doing better or worse?

Easily select your apps’ competitors and see which one is winning, country-by-country, according to ranking position, user sentiment or estimated downloads.

Ranking History

How well is your app placed in the public rankings?

Keep track of the daily history of the ranking positions reached by your apps in the public app stores, for the different countries and categories.

Top Apps

Who is at the top?

Get access to Mopapp’s App Store Rankings chart for iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace. Find out which are the top apps in the various stores, or search them by publisher. See all public details about apps you’re interested in, and see their ranking history.

Custom Charts

Compare the top apps by store or category, side-by-side

Mopapp is the first and only service that allows you to view side-by-side comparisons of top ranking apps across multiple platforms, categories and countries. Customize the preset charts and create your own customized views with the filters you need.

Market Share Estimations

Monitor your progress while your app conquers the world

Mopapp estimates how much market share your app has in its primary category. It also estimates the market share, downloads and revenues of the competitor apps you select!