Resource Directory

As developers and designers, we get a lot from our peers spread all over the world. Every day thousands of people share their code, art, tips and discoveries on the web, so that others can benefit from it.

Our little contribution to the community is a directory with all but the best resources we’ve found while browsing around hunting for a solution to some particular problem, or for a tutorial about a new technology or language we had to learn. We’ve personally studied and/or tried and/or used the resources in this collection, and believe they are worth sharing with you. The list is ever growing, as we keep finding new great stuff all the time, so check back soon 😉

Resources for:


Suggest a new resource for inclusion into this directory

Just drop us a mail with the resource’ url, title and short description.

Note however that we will only approve quality resources that we judge to be useful to the developers community. Advertisement-like submissions will not be accepted, sorry.