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Similar to PhoneGap (also described in the directory of resources) on the general terms, Titanium lets you use your Javascript, HTML, and CSS skills and technologies to build cross-platform iPhone / Android apps. It supports all of the iPhone, iPad and Android UI, including table views, scroll views, native buttons, switches, tabs, popovers and more. Titanium values Social Networking and Geo-Location: Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Email, Geo-location, compass and maps come out-of-the-box.

It also offers music, camera and file system access, data persistence through SQL Lite, and easy access to RESTful web-services. Finally, Titanium’s plug-in architecture also allows you code modules in Objective-C or Java to extend your mobile app with custom native functionality and then call those modules using Javascript in Titanium.

Titanium has a free Community plan, but there’s also a Professional and Enterprise pain plan for developers that need additional, quick tech support.

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