iPhone SDK Essential Training video course

Lynda.com publishes video courses about most programming technologies. This one is a 7-hours video tutorial for getting acquainted with iPhone development. Of course a traditional human-to-human complete course would be of at least 3-5 full days, three times the duration of this one…but 7 straight hours, with no interruptions and no useless repetitions is not bad at all to get a solid understanding of many concepts.

Here’s the summary of the main chapters:
– Getting Started
– The Tools
– Writing Objective-C
– Memory Management
– Core iPhone Project Skills
– Debugging and Troubleshooting
– Using UI Controls
– Table Views
– Multi-View Applications
– Using the Image Picker
– Using the Accelerometer
– Saving Data
– Animation and Audio
– Finishing Touches

After this course you’ll be confident enough to start working on something real, even if you’ll need a good book or some other docs to get a deeper knowledge of the topics covered by the videos.

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