Local Notifications

You probably already know about Push Notifications: they are sent from a server to the iPhone/iPad, and are used to notify the user about something happening remotely, such as a new post available on a RSS feed, a new incoming Instant Message, a new Facebook post on your wall, etc. etc. iOS4 introduced a new type of notifications: Local Notifications.

These are registered and are handled completely in the device, with no need for a network connection. Registering a local notification is like saying "hey, show this message to the user on Sept 1, at 11:44 AM". At that date and time the message will pop-up on the device’s screen and the user will have the option to launch the associated application. The simplest scenario is for implementing a local reminder (such as the ones implemented in the default Calendar app), but you might think about others.

Implementing Local Notifications is simple, it’s actually a matter of a couple of lines of code, and this tutorial shows everything.

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