Gesturecons – Multi-Touch Icons

Cool iPhone/iPad applications offer cool ways to interact with the functions and the data of the app…and this usually means making use of geatures such as double tab, finder slide, pinch, zoom, rotate, scroll etc. Documenting these types of interaction is important if you don’t want inexperienced users to leave your app because they don’t know how to use it!

These vector-based icons were created to aid in the design, development, implementation and promotion of multi-touch interfaces. These icons will aid in the creation of wire-frame documents, digital help files and printed documentation. You can also use Gesturecons inside of your applications in order to demonstrate to users how to complete actions or prompt them to interact with an application when they approach it.

High resolution multi-touch vector icons, scalable and alterable (.pdf, .ai, .eps file types.). Icons are free to use for all wire-framing purposes, and are for sale at 100$ for commercial purposes.

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