Ultimate iPhone Stencil

This stencils kit includes the typical UI elements such as backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, toolbars, textboxes etc. But it also includes other elements not found in other kits, such as the Media Player controls, and the entire views for the Photo Gallery explorer. A nice addition for GUI designers.

Each element, or part of element (rounded corners of a button, for example) is saved in its own PDF file. There’s not a single PSD file with everything, where you can simply hide/copy/move/resize a specific layer. Also, elements are parts of actual screenshots, they are not created in Photoshop. So, this might be a bit less useful than the PSD kits linked in this resources collection, but never the less it may be useful in some situations.

A few more notes: text is fully editable on lists, title bars, buttons, and scroll wheels; buttons can be resized horizontally by ungrouping, resizing the middle element, and then regrouping the elements back into a single button.

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