Originally developed by Joe Hewitt, the author of the great Facebook iPhone app, this framework is a rich set of classes and components that extend the base SDK classes such as UIButton, UILabel or UITableViewController. The inherited classes (with a "TT" prefix instead of "UI") expose new properties to render the component with new (and beautiful) styles, to implement a "datasource" in a few lines, and in general "do more with less code". Other components of interest are TTPhotoViewController and TTThumbsViewController which show a grid of thumbnails that can expand to fullscreen, or TTURLCache to manage a local cache for content downloaded from the web.

This library is good not only for its ready-to-be-used code, but also because being open-source you can study it and learn how to write elegant Objective-C code that follows some of the most popular patterns (it will be an useful exercise, we promise!)

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