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Cameron Roth


Are you joining thousands of others and starting the a 21 Day fitness challenge? Are you working towards health and fitness goals? We'll help get you there.
The 21 Day Companion is the absolute best tool you can get to help you achieve your goals and fix the way you track your progress. It's 2015! Ditch your pen and paper and use what we know you already have. With complete support of both the regular and extreme programs, we give you the option to choose both your meal plan and exercise routine - as well as tally 2 exercises a day if you're really going hard!
THIS APP IS NOT a substitute for a proper exercise routine - it's just here to help you through one! What this app does is allow you to track your progress and track servings of your meal plan.
• Super easy-to-use food and water tracking. Tap and go!
• Quick and customizable program and meal-plan creation - whatever your routine, we can manage it.
• Ability to tweak a meal plan on any given day for those cheat or treat days
• Track half servings!
• Track your weight daily and view charts of your progress
• Easily view your BMI
• Easily input your body measurements
• Totally custom
exercise creation
• Support for breast-feeding moms!
• Intuitive help-as-you-go information screens so you aren't overwhelmed with information
• Add notes to each day
• Customizable food lists
• Not currently doing the 21 day challenge? We've got a daily mode!
• Did we mention we provide incredible email support?
• Before and after photos
• Progress sharing
• Body measurement sharing
LET US KNOW if there is anything you would like to see!
If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know instead of leaving us a poor rating! We promise we'll try our best to accommodate you.

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