White Tiles 4 : Piano Maste... ver



◈ "White Tiles 4" now has 132 AWESOME Modes.
◈◈◈ 40,000,000 Downloads! Thank you!◈◈◈
◈ NEW Shop system : Choose your favorite Tile Skins & Backgrounds.
◈ NEW MIXER : Play TWO or MORE modes at the same time.
◈ More Levels, More Colors, More Instruments, More songs, More Tiles, More Backgrounds, More Choice, More Happiness◈
It's a brand new game which has so many new features. Check it out!
We will keep improving our game,more features are coming soon!
The only thing you need to do is DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE TILE.
【Game Features】:
◈ 132 Awesome Game Modes
◈ Mixer system
◈ Random system
◈ More Instruments : Piano, Guitar, Drum, Dubstep
◈ Amazing Color system
◈ Easy to play for all ages.
◈ Better User Interface
◈ An unparalleled gaming experience
◈ Social Share Support
【There are 132 modes in the game】:
◈ Classic mode ◈ : Get 20/50/100/200 tiles as fast as possible.
◈ Arcade mode ◈ : Do not miss any tiles and go as fast as you can.
◈ Timed mode ◈ : Get tiles as fast as you can in 10/30/60/100 seconds.
◈ Speed Mode ◈ : How fast is your average speed.
◈ Crazy mode ◈ : The dangerous Bomb tiles are mixed in the black
tiles, pay attention, do not tap them.
◈ Race Mode ◈ : Get a certain number of tile in 10 seconds. if the previous Level have time remaining,it will cumulate to the next Level. But attention,the tile numbers will become more and more as the game goes by.
◈ Multiplayer Mode ◈ : Play with your friends on same stage!
◈ Colorful Mode ◈ : We use the colorful tiles instead of the original black tiles, which can avoid eye fatigue,and protect your eyes.
◈ Relay Mode ◈ : Get 50 tiles in 10 seconds, then do it again. If time out, the game is over.
◈ Amazing Mode ◈ : There are too many tiles, Don't miss anyone.
◈ Double Mode: Double tiles is coming, please use all your finger, Don't miss one.
◈ Lighting Mode ◈ : It's getting dark, watch your step.
◈ Reverse Mode ◈ : The tiles go into reverse, Don't miss anyone.
◈ Triple Mode ◈ : Triple tiles is coming, please use all your finger, Don't miss one.
◈ Froze Mode ◈ : You must break the ice first, then keep going.
◈ Flappy Mode ◈ : Flappy mode is coming. Are you ready, are you all ready?
◈ Side Mode ◈ : Tiles come from Left or Right Side, watch your step and don't miss anyone.
◈ Up&Down Mode ◈ : Tiles Speed Up and Slow Down. Hold your breath.
◈ Running Mode ◈ : Run like TempleRun. Go!
◈ Heartbeat Mode ◈ : Don't Lose Your Heart! One tile one heart, if miss, you will lose 5 hearts.
◈ Jumping Mode ◈ : Include SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE QUAD modes.
◈ Surprise Mode ◈ : Include NORMAL & BOMB modes. The UNKNOWN tiles will give your a big surprise.
◈ CatchMe Mode ◈ : Can you catch me?
◈ Turning Mode ◈ : Watch out, It's turning around.
◈ Fire Mode ◈ : Ready Aim Fire! Shoot them all!!
◈ Sweep Mode ◈ : Sweep and Transformers.
◈ Force Mode ◈ : May the force be with you.
◈ Swing Mode ◈ : Swing copters? No, Its Swing Dots.
◈ Shake Mode ◈ : The Earthquake is happening, Watch out!
◈ Storm Mode ◈ : The Storm is coming!
◈ TrueColor Mode ◈ : I see your True colors.
◈ Candle Mode ◈ : There's only One Candle!
◈ Doodle Mode ◈ : Just jump like Doodle Jump.
◈ Quadruple Mode ◈ : Do you have enough fingers ?
◈ BigJump Mode ◈ : The big guy should jump.
◈ Stoney Mode ◈ : Break the stone first.
◈ Tower Mode ◈ : Make the tower taller and taller.
◈ Moving Mode ◈ : Tiles moving all the time.
◈ Hardcore Mode ◈ : Get 100 scores. or LOSE 200?
◈ Stick Mode ◈ : Yeah, you will be my hero.
◈ MIXER ◈ : Play two or more modes at the same time.
◈ Extrude Mode ◈ : Extrude another tile.
◈ Circle Mode ◈ : Cross the circle.
◈ Half Mode ◈ : Tap in the right, Show in the left.
◈ Up Mode ◈ : Tap to jump, Tilt to move.
◈ Ground Mode ◈ : Jump down to the ground.
◈ Burning Mode ◈ : The tile is burning.
◈ 2048s Mode ◈ : Super 2048s game.
I hope you will like it!
Enjoy yourself !!
【Contact Us】
Email :

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