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Fast Delivery Route Plus is designed to be used by delivery drivers, or anyone who has to call at multiple stops and needs a quick and easy planning tool to optimize the journey.
Unlike some other software that require you to spend time setting up and working out how you want to plan your route, Fast Delivery Route Plus just gets going. It detects your current position and sets that as your base or home.
Then tap the Find Address, and by entering just a few characters of the address, you can pick the location. When you do, the app is already working out the route and showing you the optimum path.
Enter the next destination, and the app re-checks and re-draws the optimum. Just keep adding more stops until you are done.
Then either review what you see and set off, or use the menu to show the route description and toggle the view to see turn-by-turn instructions. Or you can tap th
e marker for the first destination, and when the pop-up flag appears, tap it to Navigate to the destination, which will show and audibly describe turn for turn instructions.
When you're all done, just tap Start Over and you are ready for your next journey!
Fast Delivery Route Plus can easily handle 25 stops, and if your device is up to it, there is a maximum of 50. If you want to try it free, you can try Fast Delivery Route which can handle up to 8 stops, and is best suited to those only needing a few stops, such as fast food delivery drivers. Why not give it a go?
Fast Delivery Route Plus is a Multiple Destination Route Planner for Delivery Drivers using GPS equipped Android phones.
Fast Delivery Route integrates with Google Maps and with a simple user interface allows on-the-go Delivery Drivers to quickly enter Destinations and immediately be shown the optimised route.
If you are a Delivery Driver, from Fast Food to parcel delivery, you will know how important being able to quickly take a series of addresses and work out the optimium route. Fast Delivery Route starts planning as soon as you enter the first stop. Give it a 'Base' address, a 'Sticky' address for the area in which you work and you are set to start. As soon as you enter the first address, it shows the route to take; enter a second address and it optimises both stops from your Base, with a round-trip back to Base.
Are you a Fast Food driver and don't have time to waste with multiple screens and loads of options? Fast Delivery Route takes the Destinations and shows you the route immideately, meaning you can communicate back to your business before you accept the deliveries. Save Fuel and Time with this easy to use tool.
This version is completely Ad Free!
Make your delivery jobs easier, get Fast Delivery Route Plus now.
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